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Customer Testimonials

I had been suffering back pain for several years and I had been taking numerous of medication to ease the pain but, nothing seems to work. As the pain increased I began developing sadness, isolation and feeling of loneliness; I shared these feelings with my physician and she recommended hypnotherapy. I followed my physician’s advice and began hypnotherapy sessions by my second session my back pain had decreased approximately 75 percent. I have recommended it to all of my family and friends. Kindly, Patricia H., Miami

Hi, Good Job, GOD Bless U Rajendra

The most results any person can obtain from a Psychologist is Doctor Matilde Zayas, she is the most caring and humanitarian Doctor, I have found. I would recommend her for Hypnotherapy or any other treatment needed in the field !!! Aimee R. Miami

I Have known Dr Zayas for several years now and the conversations that we have had have been uplifting she's an awesome woman. She has a vast knowledge of people and she is willing to help bring you back to a better you. Anwar H, Keleen

Hi professor,

It is amazing that you don't know much about me, but you were able to describe my personality based on my handwriting. I really enjoyed reading this.

Thank you! Ciceron C, Miami

Hi Dr. Zayas, Thank you, for providing me the peace that I needed to reach my maximum abilities with the Reiki Therapy. I invite everyone to try and experience this beautiful modality that consist of Love and Spirituality. Annia Remedios. 04/2019

Hello Dr. Zayas, This is Favio Gordillo, just wanting to tell you that I felt relaxed, at peace and the vibration of the Chakras Reiki energy was pulsating throughout my entire body. It felt great. Thank you. 04/2019

By: Jose Miguel Centeno of Centeno Accounting Tax Service

"From those that know of her professionalism, you know that you'll get 100% of her attention and years of expertise to guide you to a healthier lifestyle."

Amazing experience! A hidden gem... thank you Dr. Z!!

Today 11/22/19 Patricia Bermudez

"Dr. Zayas is always advancing her specialty training, and she is very dedicated to providing the best counseling to her clients."

Albert Batista, Esq.


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