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Body Syndromes is a concept that derives from Sigmund Freud' theory on Hysterical Conversion or as it is commonly known as Psychosomatic Disorder. In 1968 Dr. John Kappas, explore the concept in detail and found that the theory of Hysterical Conversion had a connection between the body and mind and he described them in five different section The Crying Syndrome, The Responsibility Syndrome, Guilt and and Sexual Frustration Syndrome, The Fight and Reaching Syndrome and The Flight Syndrome. Dr. Kappas stipulated that when ever we suffered any type of Pain, Trauma or Stress that has not been resolved it may be felt or experienced in the body as a mental, emotional or physical issue and that if we concentrate in the areas where the said client is experiencing the physical body issues; we can identify the syndrome and help the client through Hypnotherapy release these entrapped emotions through the mind-body concept. What to learn more of this Mind Body concept let US KNOW  contact us!