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 The Art of Handwriting Analysis

At the turn of the 1900 century, the famous French psychologist Alfred Binet, who invented the IQ test discovered the art of graphology and became captured by it's form. Graphology had already been established as a science and such leaders as Crepieux- Jamin and Ludwig Klages where investigating and exploring it. Soon after these exploration from these scientists were completed the European countries accepted this brand new science.

Klara Roman founded The Hungarian Institute for Handwriting Analysis Research in  Budapest. The invention of the graphodyne provided a circle of graphs that determined the individual's personality profile. The art of Handwriting Analysis became popular throughout different countries in the world but, it's popularity did not conquer the United States until the 1960's. Since then law enforcement, lawyers, educational leaders, mental health professionals and Human Resources executives are interested in who their prospectives employees reveals about themselves through their handwriting analysis.