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Dr. Zayas hold certifications in the following areas:

Handwriting Analysis, Certified Advanced Handwriting Analysis, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Pain Management, Certified Specialist Smoking Cessation, 

Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Pre and Post Surgery, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and the inner child, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Immune Disorders, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Sports Performance, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Transgender Clients, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and ADD-ADHD, Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Weight Loss, Certified Specialist Past -Life Regression Therapist and Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Childbirth, Certified Specialist Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, Certification Specialist Hypnosis for the Caregiver, Certified Specialist Emergency Hypnosis and Certified Specialist in Trauma Recovery. Certified Angel Card Reader, Certification Specialist Advanced Imagery, Certified Realm Reader, Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Seniors, Certified Specialist Therapeutic Imagery Master, Certificate in Wellness Recovery Action Plan,

Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Tinnitus. As of December 15, 2016 I became a provider for the Ryan White Program; through Miami Beach Community Health Center. Certified Crystal Reader. Certified Chakra Energy Healer, Certified Angel Intuitive Counselor, Introduction to Biofeedback 1 & 2. Certificate of Completion in Online Teaching Blackboard Learning System

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certification

Hypnotic Storytelling

How to Write TherapeuticHypnosis Script

Reiki snd Colour Therapy

Completed the Introduction Course on Biofeedback Part 1

Proud of having completed Reiki I & II great accomplishment !

I am so proud of completing my Certification as a Reki Master. What a Blessing!

Completed my Karuna Ki Master Level of Reiki and received my Certification..

Contact Information

Matilde Zayas, PhD,C.Ht,


Cell:(7 86) 4444-4205

Office: (305) 383-6336

Office Hours:

Monday through Saturday

9:00 AM to 8: 00 PM

Sunday: Closed

Address:Miami, FL

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy sessions available through

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Completed the Introduction Course on Biofeedback Part 2

Complete the course as a

Brhavior Health Technician.

Now the process begins to become

Licensed within that area. 

Certified Specialist Advanced

Advertising and Promotion

Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified Angel Intuitive Therapist

Certificate of Completion in Online

Teaching Blackboard Learning System

Certified Crystal Reader

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-


Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Specialist Therapeutic Imagery Master

Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Tinnitus


Dream Analysis

E and P Attraction

Neuro-Lingustic Programing

Theory of Mind


Corrective Therapy and other modalities

Certified Chakra Energy Healing Counselor

Danger Assessment Training Certificate

Danger Assessment Certification











Action Plan

Therapeutic Imagery Mythic and Archetypal

Chakras and Reiki Therapy

General Self Improvement and other counseling issues Medical Hypnosis Specialty: Misophonia, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Essential Hypertension, Sciatica, Head Pain, Cervicalgia and others medical issues.

Emotional Freedom Technique {EFT Advanced Therapy}

Certified Card Reader

Certified Realm Reader

Clairvoyance Therapy

Polarity Therapy

Crystal Polarity Therapy 

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